Has anyone sought to remind the GOP of the last 8 years where they controlled the White House and Congress?

Posted on February 21st, 2011 by admin1 in GOP marketing company

Where they ran amok with federal spending, were rife with corruption and backdoor sleaziness, appointed cronies to high-level government positions, made a mockery of FEMA, stripped the EPA of all its authority, did the same with the MMS, conducted secret energy meetings, outed CIA agents for political purposes, started wars on falsified data, stacked the vote with Diebold, rewarded defense companies with "no-bid contracts", left our borders wide open after 9/11 for 6 years running, wanted to grant amnesty to illegals, privatize Social Security so that it would created a $3 trillion dollar windfall for Wall Street, created nightmarish health care legislation that still plagues us to this day (Medicare Prescription Part D), chased male pages through the halls of Congress, covered up a lot misdeeds and wrongdoings, sanitized scientific findings for political reasons, deregulated the housing and mortgage markets–creating one of the worst recessions in 82 years, bailed out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street, paid off companies to ship jobs overseas in the guise of "tax breaks", bribed nations with hundreds of millions of dollars to join the "Coalition of the Willing"…

And the list goes on.

Has any mainstream voter sharply reminded any GOP candidate of the last 8 years and asked *why* they should be getting their vote this November?

That was over 10 minutes ago.
right-wing attention span isn’t that long.
Its why right-wing Demagogues have to keep repeating the same nonsense over and over again so right-wingers don’t forget after a few minutes.

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  1. Captain Obvious

    Not to nit-pick but the Dems actually controlled Congress from 2006-2008.

    Otherwise, you’ve done a good job of memorizing your DNC issued talking points.References :

  2. LiverCancer

    Yeah, that doesn’t work though :/References :

  3. Caribou "QUIT" Barbie™


    That is all true. I can’t wait ’till November. I wonder who they will blame when they don’t take over the House. No way, a smart person votes G0P.References :

  4. avail_skillz

    That was over 10 minutes ago.
    right-wing attention span isn’t that long.
    Its why right-wing Demagogues have to keep repeating the same nonsense over and over again so right-wingers don’t forget after a few minutes.References :

  5. Ask me about The Beatles

    That’s funny. They posted that The democrats had control the last eight years just about an hour ago.
    Convenient memory loss is a powerful little tool.References :

  6. Andy

    The GOP hasn’t controlled Congress in four. And hasn’t controlled the White House in a year and a half, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Interestingly enough, among conservatives Bush was a very hated man, and even the Washington Post called him the most liberal president since Johnson.References :

  7. Ed

    Ummm get your facts right. It is 2010. Congress has been controlled by the DEMOCRATS since 2006. That is the last 4 yrs that everything has been crappy which is not the fault of republicans, as much as you whiney liberals want to blame it on them. How could YOU be in power and blame US for what YOU do? Omg, that makes sense…I know your head is going to explode when you try to understand this.References :

  8. mojo jojo

    easy on the questionReferences :

  9. James S

    Maybe we need a Republican controlled congress and a democrat president. Just like the last time, the republican controlled congress would give us a balanced budget and a surplus to pay down the debtReferences :

  10. Gary F

    It’s worse than that, Republicans controlled Congress from 1994-2006.References :

  11. Mark

    Fail, back to lala land honey where fairy dust and lollipops fall from the sky "put that in your book" Dances with WolvesReferences :

  12. Law Man

    Yes I have. I remember it all too well, and so do most Americans.References :

  13. Progressives' of today scare me.

    You’ve failed to mention how O is following in Bush’s foot steps, Don’t you realize their all alike, it’s POWER, once in they will do whatever they want.References :

  14. Who's Yo Daddy

    The first six years of the Bush Administration, then came the dem control of congress and thereafter, the financial mess…The dems blasted Bush for a 5% unemployment (Polisi 2007, Obama 2008) and not wanting to loosen the credit restrictions on risky home homes (Barney Frank 2007). The so-called night mares were cased by the party of yes we can…and the blame Bush campaign has three of the four pointing fingers aimed at the dems. The "spin" ain’t working and the amok spending is your baby.References : I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle ..
    — Winston Churchill

  15. bull454

    Well let’s not forget that both the house and senate have been controlled by the democrats. So who controls the purse strings and regulators that’s right the congress does. So all those horrible wall street people have been dealing with the democrats since 2006. How’s that worked so far? Not very well.References :


    Excellent work Sky…That is exactly why Obama is having the party run on "choice".
    Choosing A= what You wrote above
    Choosing B= going from losing 750,000 jobs a month to consecutive months of adding jobs
    going from a shrinking economy at the rate of -6% to a growth of +4%

    The list goes on and on showing a STOP of the hemorrhaging and reversal of the decline. The country is starting to get on the mend…this is NOT the time to have the guys that drove us into the ditch to take us over the grand canyon this time.References :

  17. Meso Thelioma

    Uh… no, I’m pretty sure not. Did you just come up with that by yourself? Golly gee I don’t think anyone’s ever blamed anything on Bush before!References :

  18. Becca the Tea Lady

    Most conservatives started to be very ashamed of Bush when the Dem Congress took power. He couldn’t get any money from Congress to support the troops without giving Pelosi and Reid all their back room deals. So the spending started.
    Everything in your rant applies to whom we have in power right now. Corruption, Czars, back room deals and especially going against the will of the people ie: Health care, Suing Arizona rather than containing the oil in the Gulf he did NOTHING! He has paid off the Unions, Activists and divided this country. When you talk to your liberal friends will you remind them that we are still in two wars and have spent Trillions that we do not have and explain how China owns us because of their spending.References :

  19. BuckG

    Honey, the Democrats have controlled both houses for the last 4 years. Lying does not help you make your case.References :

  20. David_the_Great

    Your Democratic Party Talking points have two major errors.

    First, the GOP for the last 17 months (Rounded up) did not control the White House. It is President Obama who control the white who is a democrat.

    Second, The Democratic Party Control both houses of Congress for the past 3 years and five months. Therefore, you need to be reminded.

    DTGReferences : A is A

  21. Big Dan

    You must keep a diary of conservative missteps, but fail to report that most of what you show is business as usual, even today.

    Democratic scorecard: Over spending of the worse kind; black nepotism; turning Congress into a gaggle of herd animals; trump up charges against a general, just to force his resignation, only to find the war taking an ugly turn about; paying a turn coat Iranian scientist $6 million, only to have him out the whole scheme; left our borders open even while suggesting amnesty; warring with a sovereign state in defense of illegal aliens; unable to remain focused on a man made disaster in the Gulf; developing one-sided friendship with known enemy country’s like Russia; shoving a very dubious health care bill down the throats of all Americans. etc. etc. etc.

    All this in just a year and a half. What will this country look like if it is allowed to continue, even for two more years. Protect America, vote Republican !References :

  22. Still Quazee

    One wee little detail, lassie, in the fact (whoops, that’s so inconvenient with liberal arguments) is that you lovely liberal democrats were the majority in power for MOST of that time frame.

    "appointed cronies to high-level government positions"?! OH, say it ain’t so! http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/29391/

    "stripped the EPA of all its authority"? Reeeelly? Then why are we forced to drill in mile deep water, with the resulting problems in case of a tragedy? And then stymied at every turn to counter the problem, for example building sand berms to keep the oil OUT of the coastal marshes?

    "left our borders wide open after 9/11 for 6 years running?" AS IF anything’s changed lately, other than 0bama SUING an American state for covering the failed government’s responsibility for border security?

    "created nightmarish health care legislation that still plagues us to this day"?!? Wow, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, kid, until you’re too deep into 0bamacare to ever get out. Including rationing (that he lied about) and those ‘death panels’ that Palin was savaged over. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/07/12/health_care_rationing_obama_believes_in_106268.html that he ALSO lied about.

    covered up a lot misdeeds and wrongdoings? Can’t hold a candle to Pelosi, for a ‘cat box’ similarity http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2010/02/absolute-corruption-leadership-pelosi-backs-thief-rangel.html

    We could go on, line for line, but unfortunately, YA limits one’s link postingsReferences :

  23. Ancient Thinker

    Many times, everyday.
    But they brush it off & start low-balling us, againReferences :

  24. Ice Cold

    Nice to see that no one here has made the point so far, that democrats did not "Control" Congress from 2006 to 2008. They had a slight majority. The republicans still had their part to play, and boy, did they play it, blocking and fillibustering everything they could.

    And that was after THEY had that same "control" for six solid years…..but not once, do they sqwauk about that…..or list the damages done, as you have , during their reign of Error.

    Real "control" of Congress only comes after you have the Super 60 majority, and you can pass anythng you want…….with or without the other side’s help. That’s CONTROL. Anything less and you’re still seeking help from the other side.References :

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