Is Newt Gingrich the new flavor of the month.?

Posted on December 26th, 2011 by admin1 in GOP marketing company

In recent months, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has strongly criticized Freddie Mac and sister company Fannie Mae, as well as Democrats in Congress that he claims played a key role in the collapse of the housing market. And yet two former Freddie Mac officials recently told Bloomberg that Gingrich made between $1.6 million and $1.8 million in consulting fees from the mortgage company.

Old sour wine in a new bottle

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  1. Paul

    Yes, again.References :

  2. John Doe

    You forgot to mention the wall street firms that donated to ObamaReferences :

  3. lowlevel

    No. He seems like he has been around forever….References :

  4. shina

    Old sour wine in a new bottleReferences :

  5. FWCRS

    The month is just about over.References :

  6. Uncle Pennybags


    He and his company the Gingrich Group worked for them. Did that somehow cause Freddie Mac to make lots of really bad loans?

    Or was it the Democrat cronies running Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that drove it into the ground?References :

  7. Citolduso

    What part of "consulting" do you not understand. He told them what they were doing wrong and how to fix it but they didn’t. Besides it was his company, not him personally. Liberals, huh, they just sit and wait for whoever rises to the top and attack them. Pitiful bunch of subhumans.References :

  8. RoseMarie

    Every week you will find a new flavor, but the flavor will always come backReferences :

  9. Yeah, Butt

    Rianes got $90 mil, Gorelick $26 mil & a lotta sdems got theirs. Newt was a paid consultant, not a bribe taker/

    He was also the architect of the "Clinton" surplus. We’d do well with him as prez.References :

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