Opinion on Oil Prices, which do you think is more true?

Posted on March 24th, 2011 by admin1 in GOP marketing company

Which of these statements do you think is closest to the truth?

1) Government has no control over oil prices, so we should not blame the GOP for the high prices or praise them for their recent lower prices.

2) Government does have control over oil prices, so while the GOP is responsible for the recent low prices, they were to blame for the high costs in the first place.

3) Oil companies can manipulate oil supply in order to control prices. It is therefore possible that the recent lower prices are an attempt to help pro-Oil Republicans to remain in power.

4) Oil prices are totally controlled by market forces, not by governments or corporations, and therefore should not be a factor in any election decisions.

The government doesn’t control oil prices,OPEC controls that for the most part.
But they can influence gas prices…..the fact that oil company executives are getting rich, and the amount of profit oil companies are getting, proves there is room to play with as far as gas prices.

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  1. Bharris44

    The truth is option 4, but I’ll bet a lot of people choose other ones.

    .References :

  2. mcbrian2000

    the government has absolute control over oil prices. The reason why gas is lower now is because there is an election soonReferences :

  3. TJD

    3References :

  4. victorschool1

    Depending on what point in history you are refering to it could be any of them.References :

  5. Colorado

    The answer is 4. Government can only raise or lower taxes on oil. Usually they raise the hell out of them especially if libs are in power.References :

  6. cope_acetic@yahoo.com

    Number three!!References :

  7. kris13iam

    #3. BushCo is in deep with the oil companies. He’s calling in a favor to lower the prices so the sheeple will think "all is well" in BushCo land and revote the GOP into office.References :

  8. Dave

    The government doesn’t control oil prices,OPEC controls that for the most part.
    But they can influence gas prices…..the fact that oil company executives are getting rich, and the amount of profit oil companies are getting, proves there is room to play with as far as gas prices.References :

  9. Goose&Tonic

    3References :

  10. sway_ii

    I would most likely lean towards number three if you took the last sentence out.

    Oil Companies can manipulate oil supply in order to control prices.References :

  11. Bryrose

    Number 4 is closest to the truth. However, I do believe oil companies could indeed control the prices if they chose, but it would require cooperative effort which I think they are incapable of. Government can also influence the price through taxation. Which is why it was so ridiculous when their solution to high price was the possibility of imposing greater windfall profit taxes. As though the companies would absorb this added cost rather than passing it on to the consumers. Gas prices do have an effect on elections though, just like almost anything related to the health of the economy. It doesn’t matter whether it is right or wrong. In society today we have become quick to blame our elected leaders for everything we don’t like.References :

  12. Jeff F

    I vote for 1 and 4References :

  13. texan1186

    its really sad that you people cant see that gas is like any other supply/ demand based product. it goes up in the summer with more drivers on the road and comes back down when there are fewer. the first gas crisis ws under a democrat so it not a republican thing. if you dont like the gas prices go get a bicycle.References :

  14. Mark M

    Nice try, but your statements are all mixed up. The (US anyway) government cannot control oil prices, but they can control some portion of oil production. Most of the oil production (and therefore most of the oil pricing) is controlled by OPEC, which is controlled neither by the government or the oil companies. However, regardless of the oil supply, oil companies have complete control over GAS prices. The better question is whether oil companies have raised gas prices in excess to the relative increase in oil prices, and in the process have gouged consumers and enriched themselves.

    Even as a serious Bush hater, I cannot say with a straight face that gas prices reflected any direct political influence by, or on behalf of, the current administration. Now if you want to ask if US policies have caused OPEC to artificially squeeze production to stick it to the world’s 2nd largest oil consumer, then we can talk…References :

  15. hexador04

    I don’t no which is more true, but I think the Saudis control it on their end and the corporations control it on their end, right now the Saudis do not like the falling prices, so on the news they said they are going to cut back on 1 million barrels a day, so that means the price is going up again, they are just as greedy and everyone else.References :

  16. knnthclmnts

    2 is my answer the one thing i no about Americans is when there backs are against the wall all hell brakes out and you dont want to be the other end . My prediction is within 6months Oil wont be worth spit alternatives are gonna hit the market and you wont be able to give it away oil people watch your stocks?. wiping out alternatives has alot to do with uncle sam allowing big business Stop alternativesfromreaching the market. Ones who could crush the oil industry however im pretty sure enouph is enough kicked in and thats why the price fell. It mite go high one more time somebody is gonna pull a rabbit out of his sleve . the gov will close the gap and all hell will brake out after that when you see alternatives hiting the air a foriegn countrys will panic and say good by to Ameicas Oil hostage days .when they open there eyes for the second time they will confirm what they all ready new.Ower enemys are broke and at each others throuts.IT will end terrorists bring them to the table to discuss the poor and how not to lose acountry because of poor people fed up with the filthy rich and crumbs for the poor.References : stoping all enemys in there tracks by alternatives for oil. LET IT GO NOT LET IT FLOW THE ANSWER TO ALL ANSWER WAKE UP AMERICA

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