Are young Brits willing to work hard and start up a successful company so they can give more money to the BNP?

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All political parties need big donors, e.g. The Democrat Party has George Soros, and Hollywood. The Republicans have oil companies.

If you want your country back you’ll have to work for it….the easiest way to stop multiculturalism is for Natives to create wealth so that big business doesn’t need immigrant labour and a massive consumer market, thoughts?

Loads are willing to work hard and start up successful companies. Few are willing to give it to the BNP. And if you click the links below, you will see that is for good reasons!

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  1. fivetoze

    no. the lazy workshy doleys dont want to work, why, because suckling on the fat teat of the state, they dont know what real deprivation and hunger is… and thats a great motivator…

    and long before the bnp get anyones hard earned, gordon has his hand in your pocket, grasping for his pound of flesh.

    the sad truth is, we could give a flying fork for our poor dishevelled land, until someone tried to take it away that is.
    but plods got cameras and computers, and were fast ebing corralled into white only ghettoes, i know, i live on one…

    listen to a song by john lennon, called working class hero… and weep, coz bugger all has changed, and he wrote the song 30 years ago…References : Socialist; for England, and St George

  2. Chocolate Starfish

    Joe Average is too busy working to feed his family and pay the bills to give time and money to a political party……..the people that donate are usually rich people or institutions that get their interests met and who donate the money that they amassed from all the Joe Average ‘s working their @ss offReferences :

  3. Scott

    Alot of native Brits can’t get any jobs because of foreign immigrants flooding into the country, these are undercutting cheap labour. "this isn’t a case of oh blame it on the immigrants" its just facts!
    As for the donations the BNP receive generous donations from there 14,000- 15,000 members and supportersReferences :

  4. Wolfie

    No. Why would young people, or anyone for that matter, want to give their hard earned cash to a fascist party who would deny them freedom?

    Who wants to be told what books you can read or what music you can listen to?

    Most people in the UK are happy with multiculturalism. It’s really only a noisy minority who are consumed with racial hatred and bigotry here in the UK.

    To the confused guy who doesn’t understand socialism. National socialism is a contradiction. Socialism, by it’s very nature, is an internationalist philosophy. It’s about workers sticking together while our bosses, or fascist political party’s, attempt to divide us!

    ‘Workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains’! Karl MarxReferences :

  5. muslimmah3

    i agree with wolfie good one!!!References :

  6. ξѷ☼₰ƱϡÏǾҋ

    What makes the UK great is it’s tolernce, its what divides us and you. Natives. what like native americans, maybe the bnp could go to the usa and reclaim it for the native americans….wait they werent you guys, you are the foreigners, the immigrants some of you are no doubt illegals aswell, the bnp would repatriat you into your native countries.References :

  7. Kit Fang

    I’m a young Brit, but I’m not native to this country. No-one in England today is. We’ve been invaded and attacked far too many times for that.

    OK, here’s the thing. Whilst the people of Britain are less well educated and less trained in the skills needed to do certain jobs there will always be a market for mass immigration. People expect to get a job just because they were born here, but in a globalised economy you need more than that – you need skills and training and a damn good education. Also, there is the possibility that were immigration to stop, companies would move elsewhere, to other countries that have a ready supply of people willing to do the jobs Brits don’t want to do. For example, I know a man who’s on benefits because he can’t find a job. When I was talking to him a week or so ago he told me the job centre had offered him a job working for the council emptying the bins in local parks etc. and he refused the job not because it was too few hours or anything, but because he thought himself above such work. It is this that means we rely on low or non-skilled immigrants to do the jobs people here don’t want to do, or we don’t have enough people to do. We also need highly skilled immigrants to populated the NHS, for example, where we just don’t have enough people with the required skills.

    Anyway, I’d rather give my money to the Conservatives, thanks.

    Oh and I fail to see the problem with multiculturalism. Most of the social problems of today are caused by ‘native’ white chavvy young men who are far more interested in carrying guns and getting as much for free from this country as possible, whilst the vast majority of immigrants in this country work bloody hard, and are in every way part of the reason for our economic success.References :

  8. The Patriot

    Loads are willing to work hard and start up successful companies. Few are willing to give it to the BNP. And if you click the links below, you will see that is for good reasons!References :;_ylt=AnwKM4aTRf8ldfhyb6vNGLQUT31G;_ylv=3?qid=20090812074730AApWtuZ

  9. Ben

    To Kit Fang, what do you mean the people in the UK are less well educated and trained? Immigrant tradesmen are generally a lot worse than the UK’s. Try finishing a contract then getting handed a snagging list the size of a phone book because of shoddy foreign workers.

    Nurses and doctors? Perhaps if students weren’t scared off by being faced by thousands of pounds of debt after years of training, we’d have more.

    Non skilled workers? I can’t speak for the person you supposedly spoke to, but how can british unemployed people compete when people from overseas, especially third world countries, get a better standard of living (up to 3 times) when pay’s so low it probably won’t even cover high mortgage/rent costs for a UK citizen. Perhaps if our poxy government reformed the benefits system and forced people to work (even to get their benefits, or take it away) this wouldn’t be happening.

    As for the ‘chavvies’, do you think that these people are exclusive to the UK? The UK hasn’t got that high an unemployment rate on a worldwide scale. Gun and knife crime? Generally not perpetrated by white boys. Why don’t you get your facts straight before spouting crap about something you have no idea about.

    Anyway our chavvies are our problem to deal with. Why add to it.

    Anyway, at the moment people have enough on their plate financially than funding a political party. Maybe one day, but not now i doubt.References :

  10. tom

    Most people with the ability to do such a thing would never vote BNP.

    In fact, most British people would never vote BNP. The stats prove it.

    In fact the stats prove that in areas considered more BNP over the last few year, they are losing support, not gaining it.

    Why? Because people read through the misinformation, lies and down right rubbish the BNP come out with.

    If you want your country back, don’t vote BNP. They want to destroy everything this country has and does stand for!References :

  11. Nick Griffin

    You tell them boy. This recessions biting hard and that new motor wont pay for itself.

    Work work work, give give give to the BNP.References :

  12. minnijaff

    I’d like the start my own business…
    BNP get my vote, but i don’t know about giving money. im skint as it is.References :

  13. McHeed the Ball me myself

    No decent hardworking person would give their hard earned cash to the BNP as it would be money totally wasted. If it came to the crunch a lot of people, probably the majority, would give some cash to get rid of Nick the Knacker and his henchmen. The people that vote for the BNP are saddos that are incapable of making a good honest living for themselves and need a scapegoat to blame for their own inadequacies. They cant blame themselves so in their warped view it must be the non whites to blame. Pathetic morons that need to get their ar$es into gear and get a life.References :

  14. ?

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