One of the most important concepts in political conservatism is that of a free market. A free market means?

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that strong businesses are allowed to prosper and flourish but also that weak businesses are allowed to fail. This is viewed as healthy because strong companies will step in where weak companies failed and make general improvements that will benefit all of society. However in our current economic situation many if not most conservatives (Republicans) voted for the bailout or at least some aspects of it. Does this mean that conservatives (Republicans) no longer stand for a free market? If they don’t stand for a free market what do they stand for?

Business works without government interference,


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  1. Watchful Occupier

    Good question.References :

  2. A Republicrat

    Well putReferences :

  3. Fofo

    * Free market means that, The Government (like our UK one!) will abandone its jop of protecting its citizens & let them be robbed by the food supermarkets & others!
    * Every day in the food adverts, I notice that the veg, fruit, diary & meat prices in GERMANY< HOLLAND & IRLAND are less the 1/2 our prices in UK.
    * Those prices go further cheaper , as their set prices are in €s & not in £s.
    SO FREE MARKET = ROBBING ME & YOU!References :

  4. Bill G

    No, it means that they have betrayed core conservative principles for purely political reasons and we need to reconsider whether they are the right people to represent those of us who believe strongly in these principles.References :

  5. Green Pagan 4.0

    First off – you’re changing the definition of conservative again…

    Only NeoCons believe in the Free Market Capitalism and Reaganomics.

    Secondly – What Bush did was not a "bail out"… it was called stealing $800 Billion for himself and his buddies without saying "please"….References :

  6. Peoples Republic of Yahoo

    I would agree with you. The repubs who voted for this atrocity, like my senators, Lugar (R) and Bayh (D), are two mice from the same hole. They are supposed to be acting in the interests of the Constitution and the free market (which are there for the opportunites of the citizens), yet they both cower and vote like socialists when the heat is on. I’ve voted numerous times for Lugar, mistakes that WILL be rectified in the next election, if Lugar doesn’t get over his arrogance. Weak businesses with defective business models should fail. It is unconstitutional for the taxpayer to have to foot the bill.References :

  7. David_the_Great

    Business works without government interference,

    DTGReferences :

  8. Charles M

    You are mixing your descriptors again.

    I will agree with you that most Republicans voted fro the bank bailout, but will not say they were not voting as conservatives.

    The idea behind political conservatism is the freedom and liberty to choose and live the "American Dream" which I believe is

    "The American Dream is the freedom that allows all citizens and most residents of the United States to pursue their goals in life through hard work and free choice"

    If a business has a good model, then they should survive, and be able to weather the economic downturns. This does not mean that employees will be spared layoffs, but the company will survive.

    If a business has a bad model, then it should fail. Most businesses with a bad model will fail during a financial downturn. When these businesses fail others will step in to do the job.

    In this philosophy, people will get hurt, but they also have choices.

    The first job of a corporation is to make money, in good times and bad times. They must set their practices so that when the economy is slumping, they can still make money. When the economy improves, then they must adjust again.

    When the government steps in to bailout companies, the only thing they are doing is rewarding bad behavior.

    Let the companies fail or succeed on their own, the market (buyers and sellers) will correct as time goes on.References :

  9. Blindman

    Politicians only stand for getting elected and the pledge of allegiance. They stand for nothing else. They don’t even understand the words coming off their slick tongues. A free market only can exist if there is no government. Anything else is a sham free market. Once a government is in place, there will be taxation of both private individuals and businesses, and some rules will be put into place regarding how business is conducted. The free market is a myth in any stable society. You could argue that underground economies such as the drug trade are free markets, but these markets are purely reactionary to the larger government-sanctioned markets excluding those items.

    I’m so tired of people saying that the government tried so hard to maintain a ‘free market’ that it allowed the economy to spiral out of control. Even that simpleton Greenspan says he didn’t want to get in the way of the American dream during the development of the housing bubble. Two key ingredients went into the current crisis:

    1. Government failed to invoke anti-trust laws when necessary

    2. Government gave too much money in various ways to large corporations to help them grow (tax breaks, incentives, etc). The bailouts are nothing special because large corporations have been getting undeserved government money for a long time.

    #1 is a passive error. #2 is an active error. So not only did the parents not stop the children from getting too fat, the children were also given candy by their parents. The parents wanted their children to be ‘free’ and unrestricted. And if their kids want to be 200 lbs at age 8, then so be it, the kids know best! Companies don’t get to 1 trillion in market cap like AIG without a little help from Uncle Sam and other governments. The problem is when you put so many eggs into one basket, and that one basket falls to the ground…

    What are we always told by financial planners? Diversify to reduce risk. Yet the government sponsored growth of mega corporations is in direct opposition to the principle of diversification. Society has invested so much into the AIGs, the GEs, the Citigroups, the GMs that if they fail we are in big trouble. A single company should never grow to a magnitude where the failure of that one company is catastrophic. The companies that are being billed as worthy of bailouts are all ‘publicly owned’ corporations that have access to stock market money and also get billions in goodies from the govt. The private company doesn’t become Godzilla. Thanks Alan Greenspan for lacking conceptual understanding of economics and allowing this to happen.

    The type of thinking that I have presented here has not been discussed in a significant way by the politicians on either side, because it is too damaging to the status quo. Unfortunately the status quo is not acceptable and the bailouts will not change much. My way of thinking has to prevail for there to be a happy ending to this crisis and for there to be long term prosperity the world over.References :

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