Do you agree with the Republican position that companies that produce food items shouldn’t be barred from?

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holding an ownership stake in the companies that test their products to assure food safety? Do you really believe that the free market would prevent falsification of results in such a circumstance?

Absolutely not. For-profit corporations can not be trusted to police themselves.

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  1. Wounded Duck

    Uh, no.References :

  2. Ambush Predator

    Absolutely not. For-profit corporations can not be trusted to police themselves.References :

  3. Obama Bin Lyin

    The market works. If people like the product they will buy it and if they don’t they won’tReferences :

  4. Josh

    Astounding. The GOP has become so corrupt. They should just put the names of the companies they work for on their doors.References :

  5. psychosolodiver

    Free markets are good, monopolies are not.References :

  6. Pink Panther

    Do you really believe that food producing companies are going to pass bad food off to the public and risk getting sued? Really now…References :

  7. Idiots Equal Marxists

    I trust the govt about as much as I trust my dog from not eating a bone. The govt fails at about anything they do. Its US THE PEOPLE who MADE AMERICA WHAT IT IS TODAY- NOT THE STINKING GOVT!

    Gov’t just spends more and more and more- and take more from us all! Where did Obama spend FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS? Why is Pakistan getting over 100 BILLION from us when they HATE US?References :

  8. u_bin_called

    just sitting around an thinking up stuff is pretty much all you need to feel some sense of accomplishment….isn’t it?References :

  9. redbeard

    you obviously do a lot of research, so please enlighten us and share some of these sources.References :

  10. magick

    No . Inspections should be completely separate from those involved in profit … To all you free market loons does the name Toyota ring a bell ? Covered up car problems for 7 years . Chinese toys with lead paint for the kiddies to chew on … Toxic drywall …References :

  11. mustagme

    Yes. The free market works. It has all the rights and protections consumers need.References :

  12. Les S

    They do not care about food safety. All they care about is getting government out of the way.

    They want a world where food companies can do whatever they want, because they believe the free market will protect their food from being bad. (apparently they do not recall that before food safety standards, many more people died from food borne illnesses)

    Yes, lets repeat the republican mantra that the free market can solve all the worlds problems,
    Want to find a cure for cancer? the free market.
    Want to eliminate poverty? the free market.
    Want to feed the hungry? the free market.
    Want to eliminate corruption? the free market.

    Just forget about rules, regulations, and laws, just let corporations do whatever they want because the free market will solve everything.

    Sad part is that they really honestly believe those lies.

    All of those things existed and were worse before government intervention, by eliminating government, those things will get worse again.References :

  13. Brianne

    Again, it’s government control. Most companies aren’t going to do this cause I work in one and when our customers decide on who they want to use on a higher level than the consumer they check out everything. Most food companies won’t do business with a company that does this. We don’t need the government to tell us this. Why can’t people figure out that republicans don’t need the government to order them to do things they won’t do to begin with?References :

  14. Hobbit

    Of course not.
    Look, first of all, no legitimate pbusinessperson needs that kind of conflict of interest — and does not want the suspicion th tgoes with it to taint his/her good name.

    When you see such a proposal — ask yourself what it would accomplish. For decent companies — nothing but harm. ONLY a dishonest businessperson could gain from allowing such a conflict of interest situation. There simply is no possible gain for the honest individual or company.

    Which, in turn, tells you the motives and moral character of the politicians advocating such policies.References :

  15. Professor Mcduck

    you dont need to buy food that you believe is unsafe. you are your own regulator. you can even use any third party that you feel is competent to verify food safety for you. currently there is a monopoly on food safety through the FDA, the USDA, etc, all owned by the us government. there have been many instances where unsafe food has been eaten by americans and harmed them. can i change regulators? no, my money is stolen from me to pay for them through taxation.References :

  16. chloe

    Absolutely not. Its a conflict of interest. Then again we had John Boehner passing out checks from the tobacco companies and that accepting special interest money is a conflict of interest or bribe, or what ever you want to call it. Dick CHENEY commissioned a study that htype of crap is wide spread in politics. Look at Scott in FL wanting to drug test people who receive benefits and his wife now owns the drug teating company he transferred to her name. Its all BS.References :

  17. .

    Do you really believe that food companies have a vested interest in poisoning their customers?References :

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