Why was Mitt Romney’s dad so successful running a company that used union labor?

Posted on December 26th, 2011 by admin1 in republican marketing company

George Romney took over American Motors Corp. in the 1960’s and was tremedously successful at increasing sales, market share, profit margins and total company employment. Today every Republican in America claims that unions are killing America and that no company can be competitive using union labor.
Is it that George Romney was just a good businessman and that the Republicans of today don’t have the gumption to run a company and declare defeat without even trying?
Actually Cris Einstein, AMC got bought out. They didnt’ go out of business.

Probably because he knew how to manage and was a good businessman.

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  1. Bob Smith

    Probably because he knew how to manage and was a good businessman.References : Wild guess

  2. Cris Ray

    The company went under as will GM in time the wages an pensions are to large.References : Had stock in American motors.

  3. Thought Police

    In a perfect world, socialism is king.

    However, because people can’t control their thirst for pieces of paper with 50’s and 100’s on them, they choose second-class government that favors those who were first in line. Forget the rest, useless peasants.References :

  4. Dr Strangelove

    union bashing is a blame game from the right. unions’ influence has declined in the last 30-40 yearsReferences :

  5. SammyTheBull

    Unions are why the big 3 lost market share to the Japanese. There’s no denying it. The Japanese were able to ship a car half way around the world and still sell it cheaper. Back then the quality was even better. The reason Mitts dad did so well was because globalism was still in it’s infancy stages

    Today, it’s not even logical that we could compete with 3rd world labor with artificially high blackmailed wages and benefits.

    By the way, there’s nothing in the Constitution that allows people to collectively bargain and blackmail their employer. If you were working for Jesus building houses and you demanded higher levels, he would tell you to go jump off a cliff because there’s plenty of Philistines looking for work.

    Unions have stolen this country blind for the past 30 years and every new car that has been built in that time period has probably cost between 2 & 5 thousand dollars too much depending on how long ago it was. They have stolen Americans blind just so they can make 3 times more than everyone else & get a pension plan on top of Social Security. Now that is true greed.

    You also have to consider that an $8 hr worker can’t afford to buy a car made by a $30 an hr worker.

    Obviously we can’t raise minimum wage without causing inflation and destroying jobs so the next best thing is to make the car more affordable by destroying the unions.References :

  6. Inside

    unions are just as good as monopoliesReferences :

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